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Selling your home quickly can be very difficult and we here at do our best to ease the process
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How long does the offer take?
Once we have spoken via phone and confirmed the property details, we will carry out the appraisal in-house and are usually able to come back to you with a formal offer within 24 to 48 hours. Usually we are able to give you an indication as to what our offer is likely to be during our initial phone discussion.

How much will you offer me?
We believe in being honest and upfront. The discount we typically apply is approximately 25% off the current market value of your property. This can be less or more depending on the location, value, condition and whether the property is tenanted or not. We strictly do NOT deal in properties with no clear Title or Disputed Properties.

Do you charge for valuations and are there any fees, charges or hidden costs?

Do you need to arrange to inspect the property internally?
Yes and No. We are prepared to inspect the property externally and make a formal offer subject to an internal inspection. On most occasions we need to inspect the property internally and also verify the Property Title and other linked documents before making a firm offer. On a rare occasion, where the situation is justified, we can purchase without an internal inspection.

What do you do with the property once you have bought it?
Each property is appraised and treated on an individual basis. Some properties are retained for our investment portfolio; others are renovated for resale, or simply resold in their current condition.

Do I need to move out straight away?
No. We can offer one of our flexible stay as tenant schemes for days, weeks, years or even life!

Where do you buy properties?
Currently we are only buying properties in and around Hyderabad, India.

Will anybody know about the sale?
No. All discussions are in the strictest confidence. We will not erect a "sold" or "acquired" board while you are still living at the property.

If Foreclosure proceedings have been issued, can these be stopped?
Yes. In most instances our lawyers will speak to the mortgagees and arrange for any loans to be repaid and proceedings halted.

Do you purchase all types of properties?
Yes. However we prefer residential properties and commercial properties in the City. We strictly do NOT deal in properties with no clear Title or Disputed Properties.

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